Bringing Innovation to Small Business Lending

Richie does the heavy lifting: provides a website, CRM and technology, negotiates with lenders and funds loans. You do what you love - sell and promote.

Modern Website

We provide you with a modern, SEO - optimized website for free. The website allows you to collect applications, while your merchants can fill everything online in one place without emails and DocuSign.

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Award Winning CRM

Access a unique CRM designed specifically for small business lending. Process an application 200 times faster than if you did it manually. It uses Artificial Intelligence and even learns by itself.

All Online Brokerage

We have a large well-diversified network of 100+ lenders which allows us to provide financing at the best possible terms in the industry.

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Work in the 21st Century

Bring innovation and technology to your everyday business. Start working in as soon as one business day with as little as 99$/month and pay us as you earn.

Become Small Business Lending Broker in 5 Minutes

Website CRM Pay as you earn

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Help your merchants grow, grow your own platform

Complete Lending Infrastructure In One Place. Create a business lending program and offer discounted loans to your merchants.