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Modern Website

Get a white-labeled, SEO-optimized website to collect loan applications seamlessly. Choose from a variety of templates, connect the website to your own domain or a subdomain to ensure brand consistency.

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Loan Application Management System

Access our unique system tailored for small business lending. Process applications efficiently with AI-powered tools. Submit application packages to your lenders directly from the system, provide merchants with a portal, ensure data safety by masking phone numbers.

Agent & Affiliate Management

Manage your agents and affiliates with ease, all under one platform. Protect yourself from data loss while empowering the best performing partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions (for MCA Brokers)

We put together answers for the most commonly asked questions about Richie AI for MCA and business loan brokers.

Do you have website templates to choose from?
  • Yes, we have a number of templates to choose from, including the 'Portal Only' and 'Application Only' templates. You will be able to move us to a subdomain in the future as you scale and get your own landing page.

I have my own domain with google, can that be used for the page?
  • Yes, you can connect Richie AI provided system (website, portal and CRM) to any domain. We are compatible with the vast majority of domain providers, including Google Domains, GoDaddy and Namecheap.

Do you provide lenders?
  • No, unfortunately, Richie AI no longer provides access to our lender network. However, Richie AI allows you to upload your own lenders and submit files to them directly, right from the CRM.

How does the system submit files to lenders (API, manually, automatically)?
  • A submission package goes to the lender of your choice via email right from the Richie AI system. Richie AI does not automatically send files to lenders, it highlights matching lenders and allows you to submit files manually directly from the system.

Do merchants sign any applications?
  • Richie AI records a timestamp and the IP address of your merchant which both serve as the digital signature. No additional merchant signatures are required. That is sufficient for the lenders.

Does it have email marketing capability?
  • No email marketing. Richie AI is not a good fit for 'outside marketing', our primary objective is to help scaling MCA brokers better manage day-to-day operations, funding applications and submissions.

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